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Javascript Debugger for Android

Javascript Debugger for Android

jsHybugger allows you to debug web pages which runs inside a hybrid app (WebView, PhoneGap) or the default android web browser.View on GitHub Install APK (1.0.7) Download library (1.0.1)

Why jsHybugger?

Remote debugging capabilities on mobile devices are very useful, and the important browsers have already built-in support for this technic. But unfortunately this technic is not available for javascript code which runs inside a native app (WebView, PhoneGap) or the default android browser – that’s the reason why jsHybugger exists!

How it works?

Before your JS-Code is loaded and executed by the javascript engine inside your browser, jsHybugger will do an on-the-fly instrumentation of your code to make it debuggable. The instrumentation is very fast and the result is cached for further use. The runtime overhead is very small.

How to use?

To debug a page in the default Android browser, just install the jsHybugger App from play store and start it. The App acts as a reverse proxy which does the on-the-fly instrumentation. For the other use case – Debugging a native app (WebView, PhoneGap), you have to add the jsHybugger library to your android project.

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